Buy 5-Bromo-Dmt-5-Bromo-DMT (AKA SpongeBob DMT) is a naturally occurring, mild form of DMT. It’s known for producing feelings comparable to low-dose LSA or N,N,DMT. It’s reported as being both mellow and lucid. It makes you feel different but not psychedelic in the same way as LSD or magic mushrooms.5 bromo dmt for sale USA

Most of the trip reports on this substance used doses between 15 and 50 mg smoked, or up to 100 mg oral — so it’s unclear how the effects of this substance change with higher doses.

The only trip report currently available (publically) using 5-Br-DMT comes in the form of a letter sent to Hamilton Morris. In the letter, the author outlines the results of several trip reports using doses ranging from 20 to 45 mg smoked and one 100 mg oral dose.Buy 5-Bromo-Dmt online

Overall, the psychedelic effects of this substance are exceptionally mild. The report found psychedelic-like effects at the 45 mg dose, which lasted only 10 minutes before fading out. Along with this effect was a strong sensation of relaxation and calmness, which remained for about an hour and a half after the initial dose.

The user concluded that as a psychedelic, 5-Bromo-DMT likely fails, but its notable relaxing and calming effects may make it useful in the future as an analeptic (general health-promoting substance).



Natural Sources of 5-Br-DMT/5 Bromo DMT For Sale Near ME 

5-Bromo-DMT and related bromelated DMT compounds have been discovered in three separate species of sea sponges:

  • Smenospongia aurea
  • Smenospongia echina
  • Verongula rigida

It’s unclear why these sponges make DMT or if they even make it themselves at all. Sponges are notorious for absorbing compounds from their environment or other organisms living on or near them.

For example, some sponges have been found to accumulate nematocysts from sea anemones living in the same reefs. Some researchers believe the sea sponge may not actually make its own 5-Br-DMT — rather, they accumulate and concentrate it from other organisms in its environment.

A species of algae called Bryopsis spp. have been found to produce 5-Br-DMT as well as a related analog called 5,6-DiBr-DMT.

Hamilton Morris hypothesized that the sea sponge might secrete 5-Br-DMT as a barnacle deterrent. The sponge requires an ample flow of water through its sponge-like surface. An accumulation of barnacles could eventually suffocate the sponge.

Serotonergic compounds like DMT are thought to possess barnacle-resistant effects by interacting with serotonin receptors. Serotonin itself acts as a barnacle attractant. It’s so reliable for attracting barnacles it’s actually used as a marker to determine the likelihood of barnacle colonization on a given surface

5 bromo dmt for sale USA

Dose of 5-Bromo-DMT

  • Threshold (oral) — 20 mg
  • Threshold (smoked or vaped) — 15 mg
  • Standard Psychoactive Dose (Oral) — Undefined, likely around 100 – 200 mg
  • Standard Psychoactive Dose (smoked or vaped) — Undefined, likely around 50 mg

What Does 5-Bromo-DMT Feel Like?

The effects of 5-Br-DMT are mild. At psychoactive doses (40 mg or higher), it adds a little bit of “sparkle” to conscious awareness and sensory perception.

Users report feeling visuals similar to very low dose DMT, with some mile geometric pattern formation, more vivid colors, and closed-eye visuals.

The most pronounced effect of this compound is its relaxing action. All the trip reports currently available suggest this compound is a powerful relaxant. People feel calm, relaxed, and at peace with their current state.

Only one trip report suggested something different. The report stated that the early effects put them in a “bad mood” but went away by the 10-minute mark — after which they felt calm and centered.

The effects of 5-Bromo-DMT don’t last long. Within about 10–20 minutes, most of the visual component is gone. The relaxing qualities may stick around for a while longer — up to about 1 hour after the initial dose.

How to Take 5-Bromo-DMT

5-Bromo-DMT can be smoked, vaped, or taken orally. It comes as a brownish-yellowish powder, which can be rolled into a joint, smoked in a bong or dab rig, or used in a DMT vaporizer pen.

Some users fill capsules with the powder (around 100 mg) and take it that way — but the effects are especially mild in this form.dmt vape pens for sale

Where To Buy  5-BR-DMT

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